This site has been created by the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS (IAA). Some freely available data is used for the calculation of the ephemerides tables (see "References" below). The scientific software engine used in the calculation has been written in the IAA and is not distributed.

The engine of the site uses fundamental ephemeris in binary format called BSP (also known as the format used by the SPICE toolkit). The fundamental ephemeris files were downloaded from the distributors’ websites. No changes were made to the original binary files, with the exception of de405.bsp which was converted from big endian to little endian format.

The engine of the site uses Racket as the primary software platform. No other third-party software is being used. Access to the ephemeris files, interpolation of the Chebyshev polynomials, calculation of the planetary aberration, and other routines are performed with IAA’s software.


Fundamental Ephemeris

  1. EPM2008: E.V. Pitjeva, Ephemerides EPM2008: the updated model, constants, data. —Proceedings of the Journees 2008 Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels, 2009, Observatoire de Paris, p.57-60.
    Direct download link
  2. EPM2011/m: E.V. Pitjeva, EPM2011—updated planetary ephemerides of IAA RAS and their using for scientific research, Solar System Research, v.47, 2013. (link to the preprint)
    Direct download link
  3. DE405: E.M. Standish, JPL Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides, DE405/LE405, JPL Interoffice Memorandum 312.F-98-048, 1998. (link to the article)
    Direct download link (big endian format)
  4. DE421: W.M. Folkner, J.G. Williams, D.H. Boggs, The Planetary and Lunar Ephemeris DE421, JPL Interoffice Memorandum IOM 343.R-08-003, 2008. (link to the article)
    Direct download link
  5. DE430: W.M. Folkner, J.G. Williams, D.H. Boggs, R.S. Park, P. Kuchynka, The Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides DE430 and DE431, IPN Progress Report 42-196, 2014. (link to the article)
    Direct download link
  6. INPOP10e: A. Fienga, H. Manche, J. Laskar, M. Gastineau, A. Verma, INPOP new release: INPOP10e. (link to the article)
    Direct download link
  7. INPOP13c: A. Fienga, H. Manche, J. Laskar, M. Gastineau, A. Verma, INPOP new release: INPOP13c. (link to the article)
    Direct download link

Satellite Theories

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  6. IAA (for Phoebe): А.Л. Порошина, Г.А. Космодамианский, Построение численных теорий движения основных спутников планет в системе ЭРА, Известия Главной астрономической обсерватории в Пулкове No 220, 2013, стр. 305-310).

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